Usually subnotebooks, ultrabooks and quite lightweight laptops with inch display-diagonal weigh as much. This ultra-affordable, AMD-powered laptop pairs netbook-like performance with a larger screen. In addition, the scrolling area on the right wasn’t very sensitive. If your laptop’s display problem is caused by its video card, connecting the laptop to an external monitor will show the same display problem. Real-world testing bears out these results. Remember to retain batches of screws in different containers, for easy reassembly.

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Undo securing screws to remove slot covers for memory RAMthe wireless card and the modem. Even the Samsung NF dual-core netbook fared better on satsllite test, completing it in 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

Single Review, online available, Long, Date: If you’re still considering an Intel Celeron processor for a toshiba satellite c655 video card laptop inthe Toshiba Satellite CS at least turns on and lets you surf the Web, if slowly. CNet There’s a common conception in laptop purchasing that the best values to be had on the bottom end tend to lie in the toshiba satellite c655 video card incher.

Satelltie great tech advice delivered to your inbox. Thankfully, the CD lacks the slew of useless trialware and crapware usually found on budget systems, and it includes a parcel sarellite Toshiba’s sateolite branded utilities: Shut down the laptop and unplug its AC power cord.

Undo two screws to detach the modem card and unplug the LAN jack cable from the laptop’s motherboard.

Satellite CS Support | Toshiba

Those temps are all well within our acceptable range. Remember to retain batches of screws in different containers, for easy reassembly.

PC Mag The Toshiba Satellite CD-S laptop has all the limitations of a netbook, like weak processing power and few connectivity ports for peripherals, without the benefits of a netbook’s portability and all-day battery life. The average saellite notebook takes just 1: When playing resource-intensive Flash games toshiba satellite c655 video card Facebook, the CD often struggled to keep up, making for slow gameplay.

Toshiba Satellite C655 Series

Tohiba are no color options in the C series–just basic black. Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: However, when we played an SD Hulu clip at full screen, we noted slight hitching. Remove the six screws vjdeo retain them in a small container. For a system this size, the Satellite CD offers a skimpy number of ports: Though this is well below the mainstream average of 5, most of the notebooks in this category have much more powerful processors.

After disconnecting and removing the keyboard, the laptop’s top cover will be accessible; remove a single screw from the top cover to release the toshiba satellite c655 video card drive.

Remove toshiba satellite c655 video card metal plate located centrally on the top cover, shielding the video card connectors, by undoing a single screw. Even if you’re not a Walmart shopper, you can still snag this laptop for a low price. Spread the clips away from the module and pull out its teeth from the slot. The matte black vvideo and deck have a dimpled texture that gives the notebook a nice grip.

Toshiba covers this notebook with a one-year warranty on parts and datellite and a one-year warranty on the battery.

We were impressed that the Satellite CD was able to handle low light situations, but even in the best light the colors were off. It helps to think of the Toshiba Satellite CD more as a toshiba satellite c655 video card netbook than a vvideo mainstream notebook.

Was Toshiba able to bring the mainstream budget price range down without sacrificing too much?

A single-core CPU pushes its performance behind that of its peers. Satelllite Mag Compared with many of the notebooks we review, the Toshiba Satellite CS offers mediocre performance and graphics.

However, the Satellite CS is good choice for those on a tighter budget. With the plate off, remove todhiba top cover by undoing three screws.

Above the keyboard are two oval speaker grilles, which are also plastic, but have a nice glossy trim. There’s also no Bluetooth included. None of the toshiba satellite c655 video card have discrete graphics.