Make sure the puller does not damage the inner seal surface, some puller’s legs may scrape the walls of the transaxle. When the cracks start getting deep, plan to replace the boot. The time now is The inner drivers get worn out because the tripod bearings ride against the drivers constantly in a forward motion. They can be really tight. Saab Six Month Warranty!

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Saab Quality Products, Great Service! I lubricated the driver saab 900 inner with oil and then pressed it into the new small bearing. I stuffed a rag in the differential, below the roller bearing. If the outer race for the large bearing is not in place, place it.

Saab 900 inner you have rusted tripods with powdered needle bearings and deep cups in the faces of the inner drivers, it is probably best to replace them, especially on an automatic transmission, if there is any doubt. C Grade – The third level quality part.

A block of wood between the hammer and the joint might get it loose as well with no damage. Time to get off this rock.

Right Inner C.v. Joint Boot Kit Fits SAAB 900 9000 Turbo Aero S 8993636 GKN

Saab axle shaft manual transmission, 4 cylinder, non-turbo left Saab 2dr, 4dr. Then remove the 6 12 mm bolts holding the driver housing to the transmission. A press would be really handy for this step. Give the joint a few twists through its range of motion to burp out air and get the grease moved around.

Page 1 of 5. A socket that fits the edge of the inner part of the tripod bearing can be saab 900 inner between it and the hammer to protect the caps from getting struck. Use a punch and hammer to stake lnner saab 900 inner to the joint in the joint’s groove.

Be careful that the spring doesn’t fall out into the transmission case. This fits Classic Saab Turbo and all non-turbo cars saab 900 inner Others use Castrol EP2 which has got good heat properties.

Worn cups will have indentations you can feel. For parts or not working.

Right Inner C.v. Joint Boot Kit Fits SAAB Turbo Aero S GKN | eBay

Now use the end cutters to squeeze the folded part of the saab 900 inner together and tighten the clamp firmly. Find your Service Center. I had to use saab 900 inner Mapp gas torch to heat the race enough to free it from the driving shaft.

You might want to mark which side it came from.

Time then to source a very good used one. If you have the axle out of the car, you inmer just use your fingers and feel the inside edges of the cup. Use LocTite on the bolts on reassembly and don’t forget saab 900 inner pump the brakes before driving away to re adjust the pistons. See below for pictures of the shaft saab 900 inner bearings.

1986 – 1994 Classic Saab 900 Turbo OEM Inner Driver CV Tripod Axle Joint

Keep track of the shims that are present between the side cover and transaxle. With the newest C trannies there is no drain plug at all.

Do not over-tighten the bolts Slide under and turn the driveshaft you have in saah air until you can see the business end of the worm clamp holding the inner cv boot to the inner driver. Originally Posted by St8v Moly is high temp grease and all I used inner saab 900 inner outer. Early ones have a dipstick, later ones a 19 mm nut that is a dipstick on the sqab side cover. Saab 900 inner is a 32 mm nut.