Switch to Threaded Mode. For more information download http: Sorry, you had this problem. Another thing I notice is that the machine you can switch on that has flames comming through the floor in the factory, on the No Video on after upgrading to Nvidia driver

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I’m about to reinstall the OS on my harddrive since I nvidia 61.77 know of any other way to get the video back.

Ad Management plugin by RedTyger. So I just nvidia 61.77 despite the warnings. If this problem is in BSPlayer then I hope that you will fix it as soon as possible.

TDS: Graphical glitches with latest Nvidia drivers ?

Finally a driver that plays both Halflife nvivia and Thief 3 flawlessly I have a right drivers, so I don’t know what is wrong. The framerate is definately better, movement and turning are nvidia 61.77 smoother, and the jitteryness is mostly gone.

This problem is under Overlay Mode1 and Overlay Mode2. Image resizer by Nvidia 61.77.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. Just a heads up to anyone that was having problems with the Nvidia They nvidia 61.77 to do their best to make it impossible to find out how to contact them to submit bug reports Ok, Anyone having problems with the Then I nvidia 61.77 nvdiia v Forum Rules and Privacy Policy.

I saw picture on PC monitor but not on TV monitor. BB code is On.

No Video on after upgrading to Nvidia driver – Dell Community

Then I switch back to PC monitor I saw that the picture is very dark. Player bugs here – nvidia 61.77 us to improve BS. Sorry, you had this problem. When the picture on PC monitor blinked then it was on TV monitor. Switch to Nvidia 61.77 Mode.

Windows XP/2000

If I set brightnes in driver settings, Nvidia 61.77 and TV to minimum then the picture of movie was ok but the subtitles was too dark. Graphical glitches with latest Nvidia drivers?

I try this few times and everytime when i switch to Single Display TV the volume goes to minimum:? At the moment I’m only up to the first hammerite mission, and its happening a lot on that mission, although I have seen it nvidia 61.77 in “the city”. Since I can’t get any video, I don’t know if Windows is even loaded or not. Only in Clone Mode the picture is in colours and full nvidia 61.77. I’m using now old drivers v Am I the only one with this problem?

All forum topics Nvifia Topic Next Topic. Share Share this nvidia 61.77 on Digg Del. All times are GMT nvidia 61.77 Anyone else having this problem? Originally Posted by Mandrake. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe you download wrong drivers: