The keyboard on the B is fine. Videos in p resolution are also playable, but I did notice some stuttering. Left side view of Inspiron B view large image. I received an email update when the notebook shipped and you can track the status of your notebook online via Dell. It may be possible to get better video performance by adding additional RAM. Transfer rates overall were quite decent. I bought this Dell notebook from a student who decided to sell the laptop because it did not have a wireless card built-in, and it was too much of a hassle for them to carry a USB adaptor with its trailing tail.

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Work is in progress, from what I hear! Right side view of Inspiron B view larger image.

Dell Inspiron B Laptop ghz mb RAM 40gb HDD Windows XP | eBay

I am very impressed with the performance and build quality of the Inspiron B, as I had very low expectations when I ordered it. When on AC power the screen is bright enouggh, but when you switch to battery it becomes too dim — you can adjust your display and power settings to force the screen to be brighter when on battery but at the cost of inspirom inspiron b120 dell life.

I got a Dell Internal Wireless You need external speakers or headphones via the lineout to get any type of decent audio. Inspiron b120 dell can pull the ins;iron covering away from inspiron b120 dell LCD with ease.

Essentially the B is a starter machine, at the very bottom of the Dell totem pole.

Benchmarks I ran the super pi benchmark which tests the CPU math processing and memory as well as disk function, since some amount of writing to disk is associated in this inspiron b120 dell and this is what I got: The b1200 and network cable also work fine, as do the 3 USB 2.

The Keyboard Well it is actually quite nice. Inspiron B closed view view large image. I was lucky to innspiron chosen to purchase this particular unit. We use cookies and other inspiron b120 dell technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content and ads.

With MB on-board, the computer works quite fast and the hard drive gets a lot of rest, as does the battery since hard drives are power hogs! You can drive up the volume pretty high without having any clipping. I use Xchat daily with the linuxmint people in the chat rooms and clicking on links with Firefox is flawless. The wireless card can be made to work with Ndiswrapper.

I used the Dell Inspiron a while back and was highly disappointed with the flimsiness of the casing, inspiron b120 dell B inspiron b120 dell certainly a step up from that. This is a budget notebook and as such is constructed in a manner to keep costs down. The proverbial handwriting was on the wall!

However, when the test was run on a 1. Back side view of B view larger image. The plastic latches on top of the screen seemed a little flimsy, but inspiron b120 dell it is shut, they hold the base firmly and only a very strong force could break it open.

A heavier 6-cell unit is available for those who need more mobile power. Software The notebook comes with a wordperfect 12 office suite, with the trial versions of the spreadsheet and presentation software, with option to upgrade after 60 days, or you may simply choose to keep the wordperfect wordprocessor.

The notebook comes with a wordperfect 12 office inspiron b120 dell, with the inxpiron versions of the spreadsheet and presentation software, with option to upgrade after inspiron b120 dell days, or you may simply choose to keep the wordperfect wordprocessor.

Dell Inspiron B120 and Inspiron 1300 Ultra Budget Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Overall, my needs are very simple: My order included a free Dell Wireless card that performs very well. The Dell sounded like a really good deal and it is inspiron b120 dell how much power comes for inspiron b120 dell fraction of the price these days compared to a decade ago.

The Inspiron B offered by Dell is precisely the same as the B except with a inch widescreen. Transfer rates overall were quite decent. The first shutdown or restart terminates the application and the second one actually turns the computer off. The body casing inspiron b120 dell entirely plastic, no fancy aluminum or magnesium protection. A nice thing is that only the area around the CPU, which is in the back left, gets warm and not the entire underside.

The Dell B ends up being a fine notebook for general usage and as an extension of a desktop computer. Battery The battery is a 4-cell unit and lasts a bit under 2 hours.