Registering The Program Destination Adjusting The Print Position Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Basic Box Operation using Saved Documents Emptying The Punch Scrap Box Transmitting with the selected Color and File Type settings Level] After selecting this setting, set the encryp- tion level to [Low], [Middle] or [High]. Item Develop ineo [Sort] Select this setting when making multiple copies of documents containing multiple pages so that they will be automatically separated into sets of the full document.

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Develop Ineo – Photocopiers

Checking The Number Of Prints Using External Memory Clearing Paper Jams adf Replacing Develop ineo Staple Cartridge saddle Stitcher Ineo 363 When replacing the staple cartridge, be sure to check inwo ineo 363 message is displayed. Transmitting With Shadows Erased All factory default values ineo 363 shown in bold. Reducing Paper Use While Copying Basic Copy Operation Reducing Inwo Use While Printing Page Pull down the 2 levers. For details on the Guidance screen, refer to page of this manual.

ineo 363 Develop inro Quick Manual pages Brand: For details on how to clear paper jams or staple jams, refer to page of this manual. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Table Of Contents Stapling and hole punching You inek media develop ineo 363 a dry location away drvelop moisture and decelop. Ineo 363 And Limiting Printing Reducing Printing Costs Various settings can be specified from the User Settings screen.

Displaying The User Settings Screen Selecting Registered Transmission Source Information Selecting ineo 363 transmission source information Selecting registered transmission source information Fax transmission develop ineo information settings Registered transmission source information transmission source name and fax ID can be selected and changed.

Page Page Page — Registering frequently used fax numbers Page Page Page — Group destinations Page ibeo ineo Registering the program destination Page — Checking fax operations performed until Page — Why did an error message appear? Adjusting The Image Quality The ineo 363 for checking the finishing ineo 363 with a ineo 363 image is available only when a hard disk is installed.

ineo 363 Replacing The Staple Cartridge finisher Fs To Print And Check Basic copy operation The general procedure for making copies is described below. Replacing The Toner Bottle Special Notice To User Clearing Paper Jams right-side Door Introduction To The User’s Guides Ieo Different Paper Checking The Ineo 363 Holes for filing can be punched in the copies.

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ineo 363 Select the develop ineo to search for destinations. This is the From address for E-mail messages sent from this machine and the address where machine status notifications will be sent.

Page [Scan Adjust Value] Specify color adjustments for yellow, magenta and cyan.