Maybe it’s time to consider upgrading? I had tried uninstalling the infamous windows update and then hid it, but this only worked temporarily and eventually the update autoinstalled again disabling the drivers for the ZBoard, reducing it to an ordinary keyboard. You have killed my childhood and my gaming dreams. Came home tonight, started up PC. I DID get it to work with the other gilded post, but I refuse to leave my PC run in ‘unprotected test mode’ so I deleted the drivers and started over one more time with full instructions from the above post.

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I’m hoping someone with some cash reads these messages, has the same problem, and pays for new drivers I have a gaming keyboard: Might just need a cleaning. Holy shit thank you so much! MichaelHoulihan asked on August 13, Windows10 comments other discussions 1. I don’t have these and the WDK stuff is a ideazon zboard merc beyond me. No problem brotha man!


I would happily buy a new keyboard but apparently the only gaming keyboards are “what color do you want the WSAD keys painted and ideazon zboard merc LED’s do you want”. I have the same question Any clue of what I am missing? It became a part of me.

I also did some searching online for another keyboard with a similar layout and can’t find anything. The MERC lacks USB ports, which are a convenient feature now days and it is also unable to disable the windows keys, which will sometimes crash games if inadvertently pressed. ideazon zboard merc

As for the WDK once installed you don’t really do anything with it. Windows – Main Windows community for all versions of Windows. Can anyone recommend one if they have done ideazon zboard merc or are they just not made any longer?

SteelSeries / Ideazon Zboard MERC Gaming Keyboard | eBay

Please and thank you! Im on Win 10 creators upgrade. I just want my fat WASD keys! The fix does work for the “special gaming panel” at the left side of the keyboard Thank you very ideazon zboard merc

I’m looking into some solutions to have the script only affect a specific USB keyboard, but it’s msrc slow-going; it looks like running LUAMacros alongside AHK may ideazpn the trick, but it’s kludgy. They ideazon zboard merc now “Omni” everything. I wish I zboars knew what I did, but I did follow that tomshardware guide. I’ve never “modded” it out. A list of updates to prevent from installing was there.

Many fans of the ideazon zboard merc Zboard have long wished for a full selection of weapon keys the 1 through 11 buttons all available at finger tip access, and Ideazon modified the original butterfly layout in order to accommodate this request.

I never really used mods, just the left side butterfly keys as easier to use WSAD and the various buttons around it. Sign in for more lists.

Guess I’ll just have to keep holding off on this new one. Sorry to bring zhoard something kind of unrelated, but I can’t click “New Ideazon zboard merc in the Z Engine software anymore.

Installed Engine3 didn’t work Engine3 had a critical update for my APEX keyboard Critical update failed, restarted computer and keyboard would zboars work at all. I found this post a month or so ago and it worked. Keep it civil and on topic. The rubber is rubbing off and it looks like dead skin: