Sprint has so far only announced six cities for LTE service: Sense adds some neat tricks to the browser, such as a Pure Content Reader view that removes all ads and displays just the basic text of a selected Web page. Chances are you wouldn’t even notice. It’s a nice bit o design trickery. They include attractive widgets and relatively little bloatware a lot of HTC’s old apps are gone , and they fold Facebook and Twitter back into your contact book where they belong. The carrier has also said it will cover million Americans with LTE by the end of , but steadfastly refuses to say which million Americans.

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Slow-motion capture carries over as well. The EVO and ote here on out, we’re ditching that ridiculously unwieldy name and just going with “EVO” has a slightly redesigned user interface. You get Android htc evo 4g lte sprint. On top you still get a polycarbonate body that, despite its highly durable feel, is one of the worst offenders of fingerprints known to mankind.

HTC Evo 4G LTE – Full phone specifications

However, it adds a few tempting improvements: Video walkthrough Hardware review Software review Camera tests. Follow us past the break to find out.

Software What’s left to say about the software on a phone so nice, HTC’s released it thrice? Especially given the opening line of this review. Articles needing additional references from Htc evo 4g lte sprint All articles needing additional references.

Like the original EVO, the new iteration also sports a rear kickstand. Get it by Monday, Jun 11 from Schaumburg, Illinois.

HTC EVO 4G LTE for Sprint review (updated)

Backside illumination 8- megapixel autofocus with LED flash, rear-facing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We’ll talk more about the shutter button in the camera section. It’s got the same 4.

Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE review

Power consumption on the EVO is excellent. The Tegra 3 has more cores, but each Qualcomm core is faster, using a newer 28nm process compared with Nvidia’s 40nm. I buy this same model of phone at least twice a year. See all 10 pre-owned listings.

The EVO is certainly loud enough, with a bassy voice quality that verges on but doesn’t achieve muddiness htc evo 4g lte sprint no side tone. Sporting a gigantic 4. Odyssey’ takes the series to ancient Httc. Oddly enough, it’s as if the kickstand only shows spring in inaugural next-gen phones: You might have to wait until Retrieved 23 May Sprint’s yet to officially flip the switch on its nascent LTE network, so we htc evo 4g lte sprint no precise way of knowing the true longevity of the device’s 2,mAh battery when stressed by those 1,Mhz waves.

Sprint’s managed to keep that count down to two, with only Zone and Hotspot spfint up space in the app drawer. Fortunately, there’s just enough red for it to htc evo 4g lte sprint the rest of the phone without being too in-your-face. Opening the app drawer can be a bit of a shock. Frankly, the phone screams luxury on par with — dare I say — the BlackBerry Bold or even the iPhone 4.

Plug in a pair of Beats headphones, and the custom Beats equalizer setting will be activated for a truly outstanding aural experience.

There’s nothing half-assed about the way htc evo 4g lte sprint looks. As for the phone having a physical shutter in the first place, we could take it or leave it. This camera button feels absolutely phenomenal — with just the right amount of resistance and tactile feedback. Tapping the widget’s digital readout launches a world clock with a fancy 3D globe visual; selecting the weather portion of the clock activates a detailed forecast.