With the help of Virtual Serial Port Driver you can create virtual serial port pairs with a null-modem cable connection. Virtual Serial Port Driver. Software installation as well as creation and configuration of virtual COM ports can be done with no reboot required. Show 13 more options. Cool Edit Pro 2.

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Cargo VPN Get unlimited private and secure access to any web content. The least convoluted way is to create a virtual serial connection, and Virtual Serial Port Driver does exactly that.

All real COM port settings are fully emulated with strict baudrate and HandFlow control and a serial line break. So if you are wondering how to create virtual serial port and use it at any distance – use Virtual Serial Port Driver app to create virtual serial port pairs connected via virtual null modem cable.

Switching ports automatically If your application can only operate with a limited number of ports, a feature of this Virtual COM Port Eltima virtual serial ports software called Switcher is available. CloudMounter Encrypt online cloud files and save disk space on your Mac.

It allows two legacy serial applications to communicate using created ports instead of using named pipes or any elgima modern inter-process communication mechanisms. To eltima virtual serial ports virtual serial vitual pair follow the steps: With a vast array of configurable options that can be individually applied to a virtually unlimited number of COM ports, Virtual Serial Port Driver is one of the best solutions you can have in testing software that requires serial port input and output, with solid emulation eltima virtual serial ports support that make it as good as using two different devices.

Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver gives you the ability to seril as many virtual serial ports in your system as possible to fit your professional needs. Eltima virtual serial ports also possible to use the real serial ports of remote computer like if they exist on a local computer.

Application working with virtual ports will never see the difference.

More information about Virtual Serial Port Driver. In this case virtual serial port overlapping happens. The Null-modem emulator can be used to provide serial interface for COM port redirectors.

Download Virtual Serial Port Driver 8.0.412 for Windows

Complete real ports settings emulation. Vietual Basic Express Free Virtual Com Port driver: Thinking about integrating our functionality into your own industry-specific solution? And here are some of them:.

No real serial ports will be taken up by the software, and you can choose which application can access each virtual port. SyncMate Synchronize data on eltima virtual serial ports Mac with any device or online account.

Virtual COM port software creates ports that behave exactly the same way the real ones do, so there is no difference for apps that work with serial devices. Eltima virtual serial ports have a look at the most common usage cases of Virtual Serial Port Driver app. Lucy Williams, Application Integration Engineer.

Free Virtual Serial Ports

Is there any feedback you would like to provide? The Null-modem emulator can be used to provide serial interface for device emulators.

Emulating virtual connection with Virtual Serial Port Driver allowed me to exchange data between 2 applications without using the rather eltima virtual serial ports software technology of interprocess communication and resource sharing. The software can be used for development, troubleshooting, and testing of your software efficiently emulating physical COM ports.

Software installation as well as creation and configuration of virtual COM ports can be done with no reboot required.

Create Virtual Serial port with the software

That means serial data can be transmitted in and out by an elitma number of physical and virtual COM interfaces. It saves your time, money and efforts, as link between virtual serial ports is much faster and more secure than real null modem connection and all it depends on is your processor speed.

With this srrial, eltima virtual serial ports can join several physical ports eltima virtual serial ports one virtual optionally, you can give the same name to all of the portsand create a switcher to this virtual COM port in the required app.

Share COM port over Network.

The software also enables multiple applications to share the same hardware serial port. The new version offers you Windows Server support.