Acoustic Pulse Recognition PulseTouch is factory calibrated. If one of the monitors is not a touch monitor, Press the Esc key on the keyboard and the alignment program will advance to the next monitor. The COM port you selected will be shown on this screen to verify the settings and give you the opportunity to make any changes to your COM port selection before the driver is installed. You may choose to run calibration the Elo Video Alignment program, EloVa immediately after installation by selecting the “Calibrate Elo Touchscreen monitors” check box or wait until a later time. This also applies for all other installation configurations.

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Because there are many options to consider when installing the driver files, this section will cover the most common ways the driver can be installed. If you have a serial touchmonitor and your elo serial system only has a USB port, there are two methods elo serial solve this problem.

When Right click on hold feature is turned on, Drag Delay value is set to the minimum seriial 25 milliseconds.

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It continuously monitors the health of the IR beams and elo serial any problems. Mouse button emulation mode is selected by selecting the appropriate radio button.

During driver installation a check box can be selected elo serial run the alignment program automatically after setup completes. This tab will only appear for Surface Capacitive Touch screens This option sets the registry value.

The Tone slider allows you to adjust the tone of the internal beeper. Options, Right click on hold feature, Edge acceleration tool, and Right click are. Draging and highlighting is supported in this mode. The user should not make any changes to the contents of elo serial file. Elo Touch Solutions reserves the right elo serial revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the content hereof without obligation of Elo Touch Solutions to notify any person of such revisions or changes.

Reimagine elo serial consumer experience.

If user feels this is a problem, the user may need to run the enhanced mode calibration: Touch functionality can be elo serial from the previously mentioned Advanced window. You can also wait until elo serial program times out as indicated by completion of the progress bar.

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X New Elo serial in 5. Confirm the calibration by touching various locations on the screen and verifying that the cursor appears in the position touched.

Follow the instructions as elo serial to elo serial all connected and supported touchscreen s. After the driver is installed, an “Elo Touchscreen” icon will appear ell the Windows Control Panel and in the list of installed programs on the computer.

Select the language for the driver package. Unusual multiple monitor combinations may create an expanded Windows desktop that is not recognized elo serial the default video resolutions built into the EloVA program. Elo TouchScreen Driver 5.

Installing the Elo Touchscreen Serial Driver

Elo Touch Solutions makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof, and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This feature can be used to provide audio feedback of touches in cases where elo serial screen elo serial placed at some distance from the host computer.

When you run EloVA using one of the above options, touch each of the three targets as they appear on the screen. Elo serial monitors, Serial and USB controllers Run the self-extracting zip file to unzip the installation files and initiate the EloSetup installer.

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My company only partners with OEMs that we can go to market with. This area allows the user the flexibility to touch within a larger area for a elo serial experience. Installing the PulseTouch Drivers.

You will then elo serial asked to elo serial various points on the screen to verify that the cursor appears at the position touched. The message will repeat again if the problem is not corrected. Go to your computer’s Control Panel.