You can’t edit other events. You can’t edit other topics. Again though, very very rare. Any ODBC driver that doesn’t honor the setting is unaffected. I do it all the time. Forgot Password No problem!

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Daily SQL Articles by email:. As400 odbc can’t edit other posts. It is my opinion that is a decision based on fear, not knowledge, from experiences with sloppy practices as described in the opener. What is a Tag?

Register Here or login if you are already a member. Every time he did this he would call me in a panic and ask me to restore the file from the previous as400 odbc back up.

Does anybody have and idea where I could get this client as400 odbc My versions do not match and it has not been an issue. I do it all the time. Please try again later.

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We’ll send you an e-mail containing your password. If there are updates necessary, they should be done through the use of programs designed to do the updates. We’ll email as400 odbc when relevant content is as400 odbc and updated.

You can’t post HTML code. However, since we do not have log for this, we are not sure who did this or how this happened. You can’t edit other events. Just a simple answer i’ll give you do implement microsoft source safe tool to secure your database no need as400 odbc follow any body By submitting you agree to as400 odbc email from As400 odbc ax400 its partners.

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But having said that now, the next OS update will surely prove me wrong. I’m not talking theory here.

Ashlash – please as400 odbc remove other contributors’ answers when you add your own! No matter what anybody says, updating records through ODBC is a bad idea. I have many servers — on very rare occasions one box seems to get stuck connecting to the AS Oldest Newest Sorting replies As400 odbc got a crazy situation where we have been timesharing on an as box. You can’t post or upload images. You can’t delete other posts. Narrow your search by forum.

You can’t vote in polls. Post reply Like Add to Briefcase. Keep ODBC as400 odbc to read only access and you shouldn’t have any problems.

That is the key.